Zane Lamprey's Top Five International Chugging Songs

Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!

With all of the adoring fans and success that Zane Lamprey has had over the years with Three Sheets, Have Fork, Will Travel, and Drinking Made Easy, one might wonder why any TV network would keep us from being able to witness what we love watching him do the most--drink his ass off. Well, travel around the world and drink to be more exact. The bad news? That is what's happening. The good news? Zane and his team have taken matters into their own hands and with a little help from Kickstarter, they are creating a new drinking excursion on a global level called Chug.

For the show, Zane will hop aboard a train with his passport in hand to travel and learn about the drinking rituals and cultures from the locals and if you want to see this action take place like we do, you can help make it happen. And let's be real, who doesn't want to see Lamprey try to keep his balance on a train? With ten days to go on his Kickstarter campaign and a wide array of bonuses if you decide to back the project, we decided to get Zane to sing for some extra dollars. Too be more specific, we wanted to see what he's learned over the years so we picked Lamprey's boozy mind for his, "Top 5 International Chugging Songs." Hiccup, Enjoy!

5-.True Blue (Australia)

Zane Lamprey: This is like the equivalent of when you ask someone if they want a drink and they say "no." The response is in the lyrics that are kind of like, come onnnn, you know you want it. It's like, peer pressure in melodic form. This song from Australia is quick, easy, and actually requires someone to chug. It's often heard in bars and between friends and is the perfect song to get the slacker in your group to catch up and finish their beer. The first part lets that person know they are up for a chug, and the last part is yelled louder and faster as that person chugs.

4. Ein Prosit (Germany)

This is heard at every Oktoberfest across the world. "Ein Prosit" is pretty much an Oktoberfest national anthem and will have everyone raising their glasses in no time. It literally means "A Toast" and is sung in beer gardens around the world. As with any good toast, the song is always accompanied by a hefty chug either at the end or during if you get bored. You cannot have an Oktoberfest event without this specific song playing. It's like the chicken dance song but that's one is annoying. I guarantee you that if you've heard the chicken song, then you've also heard this one.

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