What Did People Buy On Record Store Day at Coachella?

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Ryan Cox
Zia Records

By: Ryan Cox
While we're covering weekend two of Coachella, it's no surprise that the Zia Records' pop-up store was swarming with eager music lovers on Saturday for Record Store Day, hoping to scoop up some of those re-released and hard to-find aural gems. Hell, people were just eager to spend hard earned cash on something tangible to commemorate a weekend dedicated to raging in the sun with their favorite bands.

The festivities also brought out a variety of signings from artists like Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club, Moby, and The Wombats that caused a flurry of record sales since that's the only way to participate in such meet and greets. Clever marketing as most of the high want items sold out fairly quickly.

We stalked a few people throughout the day to see what they were acquiring in the desert. Some got luckier than others.

Ryan Cox
Vincent Medina
OC Weekly (Ryan Cox): What release were you most excited about for Record Store Day 2013?
I was trying to pick up the re-issue of At the Drive-in's Relationship of Command. It sold out since they only offered like 120-copies.
Will you still participate and buy something?
Well, everyday is like Record Store Day for me since I'm a full-time vinyl fanatic, but I'll still probably pick up a bunch of stuff.

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