Top Five Underrated Coachella Hang-Outs

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Alejandra Loera
Last Weekend thousands of music fans gathered at the Empire Polo Fields to soak up the Coachella Valley rays, sink their feet in the lush grass and enjoy three days of sensory visuals, a sense of freedom, adventure and most importantly and eclectic mix of music. Though the festival offers revelers everything from rock, indie, hip hop and electronic music there are plenty of other activities, art installations and place to roam around and get lost in. With week two upon us we decided to break down the top 5 most underrated Coachella hang-outs to cool off, people watch and maybe score some free shit.

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Alejandra Loera
5. The Silent Disco
Though it's not necessarily on the map, the silent disco is a great alternative for those not wanting to go home on Sunday. The campgrounds are easily accessible and anyone can pretty much join in on the fun. All you have to do is leave your ID for exchange of a pair of headphones and the silent disco is all yours until the wee-hours of the night. The DJ plays your favorite songs and you can only hear it through the headphones, but that doesn't mean you have to remain silent. Usually those in attendance are large groups of crazy campers ready to keep the party going well into the nex day. Adorned with giant balls that change colors along with the music, this is a must see for those not wanting to end their day of partying early.

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Alejandra Loera
4. The H&M Tent
An absolute favorite, this tent is located in between the Sahara and Mojave stage and is usually not crowded nor hard to get in. Inside they offer gel colors for ladies and an opportunity to freshen up and get your hair done for free. In addition there is always a DJ playing some fun beats, free water and a place to charge your beloved phones. The funnest part? There's a photo booth that captures your dance moves in gif form which you can email to yourself and then later displays your picture on the walls. Talk about getting the VIP treatment without having to actually buy VIP. Oh ya did we mention the air conditioning? During the day this is the perfect spot to cool down and spend some quality time with your BFF or a soon to be lover.

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