Top Five Dive Bars in North Orange County

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3.Johnny's Saloon (Huntington Beach)
Perhaps one of the darkest spots on the border of Central and North Orange County, your nose should immediately pick up a whiskey and B.O. scent as you cross the threshold of the infamous punk bar. Bras of all color, shape and size deck the bar, leather couches don tears made by studded jeans. The jukebox blares only punk, punk and the occasional rockabilly track through speakers loud enough to make your ear drums bleed. This, my friends, is a dive with a clear and present message: Drown all sorrows in whiskey and deafness to all who enter here. I swear I didn't drink, but somehow when I left, I had a splitting headache and smelled like whiskey.
Ladies Beware: You know that wide variety of Bath and Body Works lotion in the ladies bathroom? If a guy smells like anything sugary or floral, run. Oh yeah...and the free Jameson shots. They are a no-no.

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2.Juke Joint (Anaheim)
Like the grungy, punk and rockabilly scene? Are you a Texas-transplant and want to feel at home? Try this beloved punk/rockabilly bar out. Although we are kind of biased, as we voted this bar the #1 punk bar in OC in 2011, we stand by our word and will tack on another label as one of the best dive bars in North Orange County.
"It's the place in Anaheim you feel at home no matter who you are," said Bartender Kenny Cloutier. "Bands like Cashed Out, Chop Tops, Agent Orange and Three Bad Jacks play here." If whiffs of beer and weed don't smack your nasal cavities the second you walk through the doors and you're not immediately bombarded with posters of Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly and Elvis, then you're in the wrong spot.
Ladies Beware: Greaser hairdos, punkers, rockabilly/ psychobilly folk and cute bartenders offering free shots (it's a trap!)

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