Top Five Dive Bars in North Orange County

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Jackie Connor
The last horse finally crosses the finish line! As we conclude our OC dive bar hunt, the north corner of the orange curtain contains a few noteworthy watering holes within its borders. Before you decide to burn a tank of gas getting to LA, don't forget the gloriously grimy crevices lurking between La Habra and Fountain Valley. This region in particular proves to be identity litmus test for the local OC lush. So pull up a stool (wipe it off first!) and get your tab money ready. Here are your top five dives for north Orange County!

salty dawg 3.jpg SaltyDawg
5.The Salty Dawg (Orange)
A glorified man cave that occasionally lets the cool women into the club. The small joint features nine flat screens all showcasing much-needed testerone activities like sports and MMA, the cook can bust out a mean burger and beer and the girls, well, the girls can just stand there and look pretty ...wearing next to nothing. It is a bikini bar, so unless you are planning on an evening loosely based around "The Graduate" date scene, don't bring your lady. Although there is no live music here, the food and booze have a right to claim this hole in the wall as a mini-Cheers. Everyone did know my name by the time I left and there wasn't a bad vibe about the place, despite the fact it's behind warehouses and seedy-looking auto shops. Give it a shot!
Ladies Beware: If you bring your man, cute bartenders...wearing almost nothing.

sunset lounge.jpg
4. Sunset Lounge (Fullerton)
In need of a less-than-fancy karaoke fix? This is your spot. Though the crowd of buzzed regulars probably won't intimidate you, their song selection might. Sunset Lounge offers a humongous selection of tracks you didn't even know could be karaoked.This divey tradition usually kicks off at the Lounge Wednesdays through Sundays starting at 9:30 p.m. If you chose the classic 'Don't Stop Believin,' you might be boo-ed.
"We maintain a good crowd, it's an eclectic crowd," said Bartender Jennifer Keefer. "It's the customers that make this bar." Hats off to the dude who had the guts to mimic Robert Plant's vocals in "Whole Lotta Love." You nailed it!
Ladies Beware: Drunk hobos lurking in the alleyway, college kids' left-over liquid courage as they excitedly get behind the wheel.

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