The Top Five Worst Karaoke Songs Of All Time According to Jo Koy

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While you might know him best for his regular guest spots on E!'s "Chelsea Lately," his raucously funny comedy DVD's, or sold-out stand-up shows, Comedian Jo Koy knows how to use a mic for more than just spitting out jokes. Turns out he's also a huge music buff and has a pretty terrific set of pipes himself. Yes, this funnyman can actually sing! But he's still a comic first, which means he definitely takes pride in making fun of people who can't carry a tune--or better yet, people who genuinely think they can.

So even after 20 years as a comic, whenever Koy is need of new material, hitting up a karaoke joint is easily one of the best places to draw inspiration. And we all know there are some songs that are just going to sound horrible and hilarious no matter who sings them. With that in mind, we recently sat down with Koy before his two-weekend stint at the Irvine Improv (May 2nd-4th and May 9th-11th) to get his picks for the Top 5 Worst Karaoke Songs of All Time. Just be glad you only have read about them instead of having some drunk a-hole actually try to sing them to you in person.

5. Sir Mix-a-Lot, "Baby Got Back"
Jo Koy: There is nothing worse than people rapping "Baby Got Back." It's already a horrible rap song but to hear people who don't know how to rap try to rap this? That's even worse! It doesn't even matter who tries to do this one. It's just that one song where you are like, "Let Sir Mix-a-Lot rap it. It's his song so let's not even try." It's just a horrible one.

4. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, "Summer Nights"
This is already the worst duet in the history of music. Why are you going to make it worse by having two people that can't sing try to sing it, you know what I mean? John Travolta was a horrible singer and pairing him up with Olivia Newton-John was already rough to listen to by itself. And now we're listening to Sean Henderson from accounting and Sue Smith from Wendy's singing it together on stage? Awful idea.

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