The Funniest Twitter Reviews of This Week's Major Album Releases

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Jena Ardell
Flowery, contemplative album reviews are nice, but when it comes to finding hilarious music criticism on the go, nothing tops Twitter. After all, when people only have 140 characters to spend, they tend to get right to the point. So we browsed through endless feeds to see what people are saying about the albums that dropped this week. Here's what the Twitterverse had to say about Snoop Lion,, Phoenix and more: ahead of Cudi?! What is going on in the world?! That is definitely more messed up than domestic terrorism; or the natural gas industry contaminating our water supply; or Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom combined! You are what is wrong with the world, fans. Another brilliantly snarky observation, Jenny. We predict SNL will want to hire you as a writer for their Weekend Update segment. Replacing writers with twitter-famous writers is so 2013.

BREAKING: Snoop blabbed about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's alleged breakup. Now the media is more focused on the breakup than Snoop's new album. That sucks.

We couldn't pass up this tweet by someone calling herself "Bow Down To Teesus". According to her, we should all steal the album. Tisk tisk, y'all. We think Teesus should review every album. Her rant about K. Michelle's album made us smile:

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More funny album tweets below...

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