The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Weekend

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Martha Davis and the Motels--See Saturday
Friday, April 5

Feeding People
Feeding People play a delightful brand of fuzzy-buzzy garage rock seasoned with reverby vocals and spooky-circus guitar riffs. At times, they're reminiscent of the Doors (but if the Doors had made it to the late '70s.) Another way to conceptualize Feeding People is to imagine local band Death Hymn Number 9 on a few bumps of mescaline followed by a Valium chaser. Singer Jessie Jones' voice pushes the overdrive to its limits, resulting in a sweet spot of fuzzy goodness. And while they specialize in revving up the crowd with their punk rock spirit, they're more than a one-trick band. Dig the song "Island Universe," sad, wistful and introspective, it's a soft cushion amidst this band's jagged repertoire. (Brandon Ferguson)
The Constellation Room
A self-taught guitarist, Hawaiian songbird Anuhea rose steadily on the iTunes charts with her 2007 self-titled debut album. Before long, Anuhea would find herself touring worldwide and opening for major acts such as Bruno Mars, FloRida, and Al Green. With her mellow guitar chords and sunny vocals, the combination reggae-pop-soul songstress shines through such catchy singles such as "Here I Go Again," "Simple Love Song," and "I Just Want You Around." Catch her serenading swaying audiences at the Observatory for a one night engagement. (Aimee Murillo)

Saturday, April 6

Martha Davis and the Motels
The Coach House
Part of the Los Angeles New Wave invasion of the 1980s, the Motels helped shape the impending rock scene with Martha Davis' cool vocals and Tim McGovern's restrained guitar riffs. Twenty plus years and several line-up changes later, the band's still kicking as Martha Davis and The Motels. Besides touring with her new Motel-mates, Davis has kept busy with releasing solo projects including a childrens' album. Tonight, she trips the light fantastic with Delta 88's and Sailors From Neptune at the Coach House. (Aimee Murillo)

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