So You Had Fun At Coachella? Great! We Had Fun Talking About You On Twitter!

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Oliver Scherillo / OC Weekly
Not everyone was hip enough to make it Coachella this weekend for all of the musical acts, people watching,drugs, and mayhem.

Lucky for us we had a team from the OC and LA Weekly updating us on the latest news. With our air conditioners, clean-smelling bathrooms and plenty of action in the Tweetosphere, we were able to sit at home and be entertained in relaxed comfort while the rest of you sweated it out in the desert. For those of us not taking part in the three day festivities (Hey, there is always next year, right?), here are a few Twitter gems that had us feeling like we made the right choice all while pretending not to be bitter. And for all of you who were at Coachella and who might still be in recovery (good luck making it through the work day on Monday, suckas), here is what you missed out on. Jealous much?
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Coachella Tweets.JPG

Yeah you see? We had fun too! And we showered every single day. Well, at least I did. So there.

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