Save Ferris "Reunion Show" Not Actually a Reunion, We Ask the Band to Find Out Why

OC Weekly: What exactly happened and why did you release that statement?
Brian Mashburn:
On Monday we found out that Monique Powell scheduled a Save Ferris "Reunion" show without inviting or telling any of the original band members. And because word spreads so quickly on social media these days and pre-sale tickets were going on sale Wednesday, the band wanted to do the responsible thing and inform the public and its fans before they purchased tickets that this wasn't a "reunion" show and didn't involve any band members other than Monique.

It begs the question then, who owns the rights to the Save Ferris name and the songs?
Unfortunately we can not make a statement at this time because the name is a legal issue that the band thought was settled a long time ago and is currently being handled by our attorney so at the moment we would prefer to keep that a private matter between the parties.

The majority of the songs were either written by [me] Brian Mashburn solely, or co-written by Brian Mashburn and Monique Powell. 

Is the band not on good terms? Would there EVER be a reunion? I guess the excitement over the show announcement showed that there's a real interest in seeing a show with all the original members happen.

A proper reunion show would have been the best thing for the fans. It would have been something the band members would have been interested in playing. Unfortunately, Monique Powell scheduled a Save Ferris "Reunion" show without inviting or telling any of the original band members.

We reached out to Monique Powell, and while she was not available to talk, she did post a response on her Facebook page on Wednesday night: 

Apologies for not posting something sooner, I came down with a nasty case of the flu last night...

So the pre-sale tix went up this morning and based on the FB messages I've received, a lot of you took advantage! Thank you so much, this is going to be a great show!

Just to clear up any misinformation that may be out there -- while I had hoped this could be a reunion of sorts with all, or some, of my former SF band members, unfortunately that isn't the way it looks to be turning out. Some of my former band mates are currently in a band of their own which they are fully committed to and which I completely respect. While I am certainly disappointed that they won't be joining me, I wish them all the best always.

Ok, so back to the show -- i'm getting together a great group of musicians who are my friends and we are going to put on the best show ever! It's been 10 years since I've performed these songs and recently I had major spinal surgery. Because of great doctors and physical therapy, I am feeling like a miracle. I am able to walk and to sing and I have finally recovered and I can't WAIT to put on the best show for you guys...thanks for sticking around and for continuing to support me and my music.

I'll see you all in July at the Fair!


Sounds like someone jumped the gun ...

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