Record Store Day: Here Are The Must Haves That Should Be On Your List

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For record collectors everywhere (including this one), this Saturday is their Christmas. Yep, Record Store Day is here once again. Beginning in 2008, the event celebrates independent record stores with the release (and re-release in some cases) of super rare, limited edition (or out of print) albums and singles (some of the vinyls are in special colors). There are so many great stores in OC to support, so if you want these rarities you better hit up shops like TKO in Huntington Beach, Dr. Freeclouds Record Shoppe in Fountain Valley, Black Hole and Burger Records in Fullerton, Bionic in Cypress, Second Spin and Factory Records in Costa Mesa, Pepperland in Orange, Left of the Dial in Santa Ana and Fingerprints in Long Beach. If we've forgotten anyone, we apologize in advance.

With so many great releases, it's hard to pinpoint which ones to snag, but that's what we're going to try to do here. Without further ado, here are some of the best releases that you should get your hands on this Saturday.

Notorious B.I.G., Ready to Die 12-inch double vinyl (copies: 2850): Biggie reissued on white vinyl, if there is something more badass than this, we'd love to know. Getting one of the most important and seminal hip-hop albums of all time is amazing, but snaring it in this form, well, that should make collectors drool.

R.E.M., Live in Greensboro EP, CD (copies: 5000): Still one of the most important bands of their time, this live set from 1989 gives a glimpse to the band as they were still on the rise. This Green-era set is sort of like a reverse crystal ball and shows a band that's about to hit its stride.

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