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Jesse Carzello of bobby blunders
Jesse Carzello's musical career has been a more haphazard adventure than most.

Though he recently celebrated the completion of a full-length album for his bedroom recordings-turned-experimental pop project, bobby blunders (yes, all lowercase), Carzello might be Long Beach's most unexpected bandleader.

For years, the self-taught multi-instrumentalist was a hired gun, playing with everyone from D.C. punk bands to his current steady gig as the pedal-wielding guitarist for the Long Beach collective Free Moral Agents.
But after inheriting an 8-track that was destined for the trash more than five years ago, the roots of Carzello's first original work began to form. "Right around the time I got the 8-track, I started to hear little poems," he says. "Most of them weren't songs, but instead little vignettes or little chants or something easy . . . I've always been a side man, so it wasn't initially my idea to take it live. I didn't even know if I could lead a band."

Carzello began recording his lo-fi nuggets on the 8-track in the hopes of letting them serve as models for full songs in the future. As he began to get more involved with the time-intensive and solitary side of writing and arranging his own tunes, however, he noticed a change--a maturity--in their tone.

"That's when I realized this isn't a microcosm of what it's going to be; this is what it's going to be," Carzello says.

He was armed with more than 50 of these guitar-and-rhythm-driven songs by the time he struck a deal with J.P. Bendzinski of Wild Pack of Canaries, a professionally trained audio engineer.

Although an actual album was never the intention for Carzello's side-project sounds, when Bendzinski asked to sublet his apartment while Free Moral Agents went on tour, Carzello realized he had an opportunity to do more with the gritty vignettes he'd been sitting on.

Recorded in fits over the course of two years, with nearly 40 musicians playing everything from drums to cello to trumpet, bobby blunders' first album, Best Neighborhood Band, was finally completed a few weeks ago.

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