Kevin Parx Is Santa Ana's Mr. Big Shot

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He lets us pry a little more out of him about his mixtape, which includes collaborations with Flip Major and others. "I can tell you it's about relationships. It definitely has turned itself into a concept album," Parx says of the 15 tracks. "Anybody who's around my age, they all have drama and shit they go through with women. I'm not telling my direct story, but there is a story to it that a lot can relate to.

"I'm always conscious of connecting with my actual demographic," he adds. "They're going to understand me by hearing my story and hearing the skits that go along with the project."

Parx is definitely motivated to make his aspirations visualized. "I don't see nobody doing bigger shit than me," he says of the hip-hop scene in OC. "Freethrows will make it clear to everybody."

He also hopes to transcend county lines, a function of his diverse, universal appeal. "I want to change the game up," Parx says. 'Ten years from now, OC will
be respected."

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