Kevin & Bean's April Foolishness - Gibson Amphitheatre - April 6, 2013

Gabriel Olsen
Yeah, comics get all the chicks.

Ralph Garman and that stank-stache came back out to introduce the last comic of the night, Bill Burr. Armed with his signature angry style, the red-headed joker kept his set topical by ranting about the Rutgers coach, talking about how he wants to get a .22, and sticking up for people who have raised trucks saying, "Maybe they actually aren't compensating for small dicks! Maybe they actually have big dicks and they just need all that clearance! Did you assholes ever think of that?" Ever aggressive and still completely hilarious, Bill talked about dialing back the "douchebaggery" in relationships and touched on the difference in his road life now in hotels as opposed to how early on in his career when he had to stay in motels that were like "serial killer buffets."

He also admitted to getting a DUI back in 1989 and how when he got pulled over he was actually relieved because he didn't have to think about driving anymore. Sure...getting a DUI isn't funny, but somehow everything that comes out of Burr's mouth with that Massachusetts accent sound amusing. Burr's punchy arsenal of jokes were definitely appreciated as most of the crowd refused to leave their seats to leave early (a.k.a. typical LA behavior) and delivered an uproarious applause to close out the show.

Critic's Bias: While it's always nice to see and hear Cleto & The Cletones, Mike Relm happens to be one of my favorite DJ's EVER! Major props to KROQ for having him provide the music this year. Mike Relm gets the fuck down and the crowd ate him up and last night, he no doubt made some new fans. Trust, it was a great choice!

The Crowd: As is every year with this event, the April Foolishness crowd was responsive, boozed up, and ready to get their laugh on. Hopefully the dummy that had their little kid sitting with them down in the front learned their lesson because almost every comic commented on it while staying true to their set that was riddled full of raunch. Next time, get a fucking babysitter.

Overheard in the Crowd:
"Oh my god! I don't even know why I think this is so funny but I can't stop laughing!"
"Booooo! Send the fucking kid home! This isn't Disneyland"
"Holy shit! Brad Williams can dance! Oh my god, I am dying!"

Random notebook dump: It's always good to go out for a great night for a great cause but really people, that doesn't mean that you should dress like an asshole. Last year, Felipe Esparza mentioned something about women who wear clothes that are "too small for them" and clearly, those chicks didn't get the memo this year. Yikes.

Rob Delaney
Ari Shaffir
Brad Williams
Jay Mohr
Doug Benson
Bill Burr

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