Kevin & Bean's April Foolishness - Gibson Amphitheatre - April 6, 2013

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Gabriel Olsen
Jay Mohr

If you follow Jay Mohr on Twitter, then you know that he had a bet going with Brad Williams on who was going to own the night. Yeah, good luck with that now, Mohr! Jay starting out thanking "all of his other opening acts" and assuring us that it's OK to have nothing in common with who you marry because, "the key to a happy marriage is to have similar hates." He also told the crowd it's never cool to admit you have a "man cave" because all he hears when you say that is, "I married a cunt!" Hysterical. Known for his amazingly spot-on impressions, Jay ended his set killing the KROQ crowd with Norm Macdonald, Eddie Vedder, Bono, Steven Tyler, and Bruce Springsteen.

The best part was when he said he was sick of musicians talking on stage and pushing their agendas because, "I just paid my money to see you here in my town, and you're standing in front of me. Don't talk. Just sing the fucking hits!" We couldn't agree more, Mohr.

Before the next comic even came on stage, the thumping entrance music (a the remix to Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice") blared out from the speakers and you just had to know who was coming out next...Doug Benson. With his eyelids halfway closed, Benson took the stage and said, "Holy crap I'm soooo high right now. How high? 7.4. on a scale from 1 to 7.4." The crowd erupted with applause. (Did you expect anything less?) He came complete with a thank you post-it note (as not to forget anything) that included Jay Mohr for taking a dump in the green room to cover up the marijuana smell, Brad Williams for being small, and Kevin and Bean for making him look like a cold weather pussy by always wearing shorts. These peeps love their Mary Jane jokes and Benson is known for that as well as his love of movies and the crowd reveled in his set.

After a slew of hilarious flick-riddled references including wondering why the dumb chick in the movie "Taken" even answers her dad's phone calls anymore because, "she should just see his name come up on caller ID and start running," stoney Doug finally figured out that his set was over and he was being signaled off stage and the appreciate spectators showed their adoration for Benson with plenty of hoots and hollers.

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