Kevin & Bean's April Foolishness - Gibson Amphitheatre - April 6, 2013

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Gabriel Olsen
Doug Benson is dazed, confused and funny as hell.

Kevin & Bean's April Foolishness
Gibson Amphitheatre
April 6, 2013

By now, April Foolishness--KROQ's annual smorgasbord of crass comedy--is one of those jumbo shows that has fans of stand-up salivating every year it's announced. This year was no different as the alt-rock radio station delivered it's fifth installment of the party featuring some of the craziest funnymen in the business.

However, the show's surprise opener Sam "The Armenian Comedian" didn't exactly get things off to a roaring start. It was actually more of a booing start as his jokes unfortunately fell flat on the crowd. Kevin and Bean appeared after a few minutes to save our ears and the crowd quickly went wild. They mentioned that all of the comics performing tonight had donated their time to the evening (which still didn't make "The Armenian Comedian's" humor any better for the record) and that proceeds from the night would be benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project and Cedars-Sinai NICU. Despite the early flop, great causes and a great night were indeed ahead.

Rob Delaney hit the stage first and got right into the filth by talking about how he likes to find his favorite audience member so he can take them back to his van and make them an egg salad sandwich...and then mouth fuck them. How that story became a segue into bit about Delaney taking a shower with his son is beyond us. But hey, we weren't there to judge. The audience seemed to have laughed the hardest when he went off about how when a mom says it's time to have sex, you have sex right then and there and never question it. Ah, who can withstand the power of a good mom sex joke...well played, Mr. Delaney.

Ralph Garman and his porn-stache came out to cheers and introduced Ari Shaffir and everyone was pumped to say the least. I like to think they were fans because Shaffir rules, but it could have been the big ass beers talking at this point. Either way, Ari made some great points about why it's better to live alone (because then you'll always be right) and hammered an audience member for bringing their kid saying, "Great, now I can't do my dick jokes. Can you put that kid back inside for a minute? Kids are horrible. You know who doesn't like kids? Adults!" Ending with a stoner story that would have never gone down if Shaffir didn't live alone, the crowd absolutely loved him and gave him major love.

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Gabriel Olsen
Kevin and Bean

Brad Williams is a KROQ favorite and the venue absolutely went ape shit when he got on stage. Small in stature but big in wit, Brad had the crowd in tears (specifically the girl directly next to me) while he gave demonstrations on how handicap people have sex. He also mentioned that he realizes a lot people have questions about his dwarfism so he answered the one that he gets most often and that answer is, "six inches." He went on to say, "OK, six inches might not be too big, but it is on me! I'm the only one in the room who can actually say my dick hangs down to my knees!" The audience roared with laughter.

After a quick bit about bedroom pep talks, we were all hoping there would be some rump shaking because if you know Brad, then you know that this guy can get the fuck down. We definitely weren't disappointed when they fired up the music during his set. Psy's "Gangnam Style" mixed with MC Hammer's "Too Legit" was bumping and Brad was pumping his ass, doing the worm, break dancing, and showcasing moves that would give the Jabbawockeez a run for the money. In turn, Brad received the only standing ovation of the night and it was hands down well deserved.

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