Eight Things That We'd Like to See Happen at Coachella

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Clipse Reunion

Pusha T has had a big couple of years: signing with Yeezy, a slew of killer guest verses, even earning Grammy nod. But what we'd really like to see in Indio is No Malice take the stage with him and rip through the Clipse catalogue. This may not be totally out of the cards, as Malice himself recently told Billboard a Clipse album is "definitely [in] beginning stages, but Pusha and I have some serious things that we're talking about and coming to agreement on." Let's hope they talk it out soon--we want to hear "Grindin" and "Mr. Me Too" in the desert sun. (Kai Flanders)

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Surprise Electronic Reunion 

While the chances of seeing Johnny Marr reunite with Morrissey for The Smiths reunion remain close to zero, one potential reunion would be of Johnny Marr and Bernard Sumner of New Order doing a short set of Electronic songs. Although they are scheduled to perform on different days, It wouldn't be far fetched to have Bernard Sumner come out for a song or two during Johnny Marr's set or vice versa. Adding potential fuel to this fire is that Marr will be opening for New Order on all of their US dates which gives them plenty of time to potentially rehearse a few songs. Coincidentally, EMI just announced they will re-release their debut album with a bunch of bonus tracks. It would be a huge surprise if they did and it would be an instant highlight of the whole festival. (Andrew Youssef)

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Ol' Dirty Bastard Hologram

Hey, Dre and Snoop got to resurrect Makaveli, so it's only right that Wu-Tang get their shot to bring back Dirt McGirt. While it might seem tacky to rehash last year's goods, if there's one rapper that should to be returned to us via hologram, it's Ol' Dirty Bastard. As one of the Wu's most visible members, we can't think of a more appropriate venue to allow the snarling, soul crooning MC to come back and make a spectacle of himself. It's been about nine years since the rapper born Russell Tyrone Jones died of a drug overdose in 2004 two days before his 36th birthday. With an unreleased solo album still in the can, the idea of watching the rapper beamed on stage, spouting new material in 2013 would probably cause a few hip-hop heads to explode. And seriously, who doesn't wanna see ODB deliver the immortal lines of "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" one last time? (Nate Jackson)

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