The 20 Greatest Vicente Fernandez Songs of All Time: The Complete List

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Over the past two days, we've been counting down the list of ranchera icon Vicente Fernández's 20 greatest songs. He's playing the Staples Center next week, a concert you should check out whether you speak Spanish or not, if only for the sheer spectacle of machismo at its most exaggerated. And just in case you didn't pay attention to the past two days--tequila did it, no doubt--here's the list in its entirety. Enjoy!

20. "El Tapatio"

This song is an example is one of my favorite lyrical genres: the provincial boast, the prideful proclamation of being from a city or state. In this case, Chente sings of his pride of being from the state of Jalisco, birthplace of mariachi and tequila, with shout-outs to Los Altos, the geographic region from whence the two essential parts of Mexican society originated. It's a beautiful, soaring song with flutes, a rarity in ranchera music--so why the low-ish placement here? Because I'm a zacatecano and people from Jalisco are our eternal rivals, haha. Featuring a great vocal flourish in the end.

19. "Hermoso Cariño"

I hate to say it, but esta canción, while muy popular with the Chente crowd, is rather formulaic. The more I hear it, the less remarkable it is when compared to his other tunes--and it sounds like a slightly faster version of "Ingrato Amor," down to the arpeggio'ed acoustic guitar and repetition of the title. Pretty song, but it pales next to the others on this list.

18. "La Diferencia"

Chente's ultimate wuss song--'nuff said. But it works to get the ladies. Check out the video!

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