The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Week

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Heartless Bastards--See Thursday

Monday, March 25

Night Beats
Burger Records

Armed with a snarling fuzz guitar and lo-fi vocals, Night Beats will likely remind you of your favorite Nuggets compilation album. Originating from Seattle, Washington, Night Beats craft a raw, psychedelic sound that harnesses the best instrumental influences from the 1960s into an explosive body of work. "The Other Side," one of their longer tracks, is an odyssey of 13th Floor Elevators-inspired guitar chords and experimental madness; "Puppet on a String" evokes early-Seeds era vocals behind bluesy guitar riffs. Although they're not the only band in town that turns out the '60s flavor (you have your Ty Segalls, Strange Boys, Oh Sees, and King Khan) Night Beats is so near-authentic you'd think they showed up to their gigs in a time machine. Watch them kick out the jams at an intimate performance at Burger records, official headquarters for the lo-fi hit parade of bands taking Orange County (and the world!) by storm, days after shredding it onstage at the Observatory for Friday night Burgerama. (Aimee Murillo)

Wednesday, March 27

New Found Glory
Chain Reaction

Back at the turn of the millennium, New Found Glory were at the forefront of pop punk mainstream popularity. In fact, many credit the band as being one of the groups to bring the genre to radio stations across the country. And 16 years after their inception, they're still touring strong, releasing new albums and playing massive festivals on a regular basis. Last month, New Found Glory announced that they would actually start recording a new album in March, never mind previous statements about going on hiatus for a year. Perhaps at this show at Chain Reaction, a small all-ages rock/punk/hardcore club, they might give fans a taste of some new material. (Erin DeWitt)

Thursday, March 28

The Coach House

Half a lifetime ago and half a world away, it was a defining moment. On our tinny li'l radio were Jamaican keyboard king Jackie Mittoo and his Soul Brothers with "Last Train to Skaville." Chugging beat, soaring and wobbly horns, actual steam trains and an atmospheric fuckin' magic! All these years later, whatever the label--rocksteady, mento, dancehall, dub, stoned calypso, jungle fever, drum and bass, reggae--there's one constant: we still wanna get our ass out of the chair and shake it. From St. Croix in the beautiful Virgin Islands, electrifying reggae band Midnite gives you a compelling reason to do your "Deion-in-the-end-zone" impersonation. Be there...or be square. (Jack Grimshaw)

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