The Five Best Concerts in OC This Weekend

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Ryan Bingham--See Saturday

Friday, March 1

Super Diamond
House of Blues Anaheim

Remember the movie Saving Silverman with Steve Zahn and Jack Black? It was about a couple of lovable loser musicians whose idol was none other than Neil Diamond, the psuedo-rock crooner from your parent's generation. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction as evidenced by Super Diamond, a tribute band out of San Fran whose muse is none other than the Jewish Elvis himself. Fronted by the "Surreal Neil," this band will play all your favorites, "Sweet Caroline," "Stagger Lee," and many more to make you remember those long interstate trips where mom blasted "We're Coming to America," and you quietly sang along. --Brandon Ferguson

Saturday, March 2

Fu Manchu
Detroit Bar
It's easy to dismiss Fu Manchu as San Clemente's answer to That 70's Show, since the music they make is a sound seemingly designed to fire up a zillion bongs. Brand them "stoner rock" if you must, but they're really just a great, honest, blue-collar metal band--graduates of the Sabbath school of eardrum bleeding, with songs about pool skating, surfing, El Caminos, Mongoose BMX bikes, the beach, driving around, Dogtown, UFOs and vans (both the Chevy and slip-on shoe variety). This year, the band announced that they've begun work on a new album--looks like these guys are firing one up for another round. But right now, they're just trying to give you a free show, a blessing that definitely warrants your attention. --Nate Jackson

Ryan Bigham
House of Blues Anaheim
Ryan Bingham isn't a country singer. While he's dabbled in the tones of roots and country, he's a rock star at this point in his career. Sure, many people know the Los Angeles-based former rodeo cowboy from his celebrity-making, Oscar-winning tune "The Weary Kind" from the movie Crazy Heart, in which Jeff Bridges also won an Oscar for portraying an old-school country singer looking for a new start. It's a mistake to confuse Bridges' Bad Blake for Bingham's artistic state.His recent self-released LP Tomorrowland is an earth-rattling record that keeps his cowboy-song past in the rear view mirror. This week, Bignham rolls into the Mouse House with support from indie darlings HoneyHoney.--Kelly Dearmore

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