Raging With My Mom at Ultra Music Festival

Ultra Day 1_FabianOrtiz.jpg
Fabian Ortiz
Lulu and Alejandra at Ultra Music Festival

Ultra Music Festival celebrated its 15th annual edition by expanding over two three-day weekends (a la Coachella) making it the largest electronic music festival in the US and the only one in the world to take place over two weekends. Acts included some of the worlds biggest EDM names such as Tiësto, Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta, Deadmau5, Calvin Harris to non dance music artist like Snoop Dogg and Yesayer.

Overlooking the breathtaking downtown Miami skyline and marina at Bayfront Park, the festival brought over 165,000 dance music fans from all over the world - literally. The sea of participants adorned flags, shirts, hats and everything you could imagine to represent their hometowns, states and countries. Among those festival revelers was myself and my mother Lourdes whom I brought along for the ride so she could see for herself what the EDM festival craze is all about. Perhaps this adventure would bring us closer and maybe she won't think I'm so crazy for making the pilgrimage year after year to attend the biggest festivals out there. I know what you're thinking: "Wow this girl must be crazy." But in actuality it was her own adventurous spirit who wanted to join me. Perhaps it's where I get it from?

Day 1: Friday March 22nd, 2013

7pm: The festival coincides with the annual Winter Music Conference in Miami which brings people from over 70 different countries to town in between the festival weekends. Because of this, getting from South Beach where all of the fancy hotels and killer pool parties are to Ultra is horrendous when it comes to traffic. We realize that I have to be downtown in an hour to pick up my press credentials for the weekend and I begin to freak out a little even though we are less than five miles away.

7:40pm: After sitting in traffic for almost 40 minutes we jump out of the car and run across downtown to avoid the traffic. My heart was racing and it was a struggle to keep my boobs from falling out of my bikini as we ran all the way to the Bayfront Marketplace harbor area where the press, artist and guest list check in is. We pass the main entrance and I can hear Eric Prydz's remix of "Personal Jesus" over the incredible sound system and I am about to lose it! "How can I be missing this legend," I think to myself.

7:58pm: Literally making it by seconds, not only am I relived, but the anticipation to show my mother what an incredible experience awaits gives me butterflies as we walked in the entrance. I get a rush knowing we are about to enter and I can see it in her face too.

8:30pm: We are finally inside making our way to the main stage where my friends are waiting in line to get on the Red Bull Flight Deck which overlooks the main stage and as my mother put it "makes you feel like you are on top of the world!" Here we have to swindle a couple of wristbands to be able to go up with them and see the Swedish duo Cazzette. Mesmerized by the insane amount of people, my mother whose nickname is Lulu, could not stop taking photos and videos of the debacle and for her first experience being away from the crowd and being able to see the fireworks, lights and bubbles was perfect.

Alejandra Loera / OC Weekly
Ultra's Main Stage

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9:30pm: Somehow the EDM Gods were on our side because Cazzette's set was so short that they allow us to stay on the Red Bull Flight Deck for another full set which just so happened to be Avicii - what a fitting introduction for Lulu into the world of EDM. We danced our asses off as we sipped Red Bull vodka's, mingled with my friends and took the sensation all in. Even during the surprise country act she grabbed my arm to dosey-doe with me in an effort to show us ravers how to "really" dance!

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garyroyale topcommenter 1 Like

We all wish we had moms as PLUR as Alex's :) It's not everyday our parents can just dive right into the middle of one of the biggest raves in this country and come back asking for more.. Shes awesome just for that.

pmisa 1 Like

awesome, I saw a few other parents/adults at ultra. EDM has a lot to offer, not just rage for young adults.


@pmisa I couldn't agree more! Now let's get our parents to go to the BURN for a real life changing experience :)

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