Pennywise Guitarist Fletcher Dragge Shares Stories Behind His Tattoos

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fletcher dog.jpg

Dog Pedro the Dog

A pro skateboarder friend and I ended up tattooing each other on our chests at the same time one night after one too many beers. He tattooed his dog Pedro on me and I tattooed the words "Born Free" on him because he was always kind of a hippie. So we both went home to crash with these freshly acquired bad tattoos. In the morning he took Pedro out for a walk, and that morning the dog, who he never put on his leash, ran into oncoming traffic and died. So literally five hours after getting the tattoo, he was gone.

fletcher finger.jpg

Line of Stitches (from the left middle finger to his chest)

After a night of about a dozen screwdrivers, it seemed like a good idea but not in the morning it was probably one of the dumbest things I've ever done.

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