Nico Vega Unleashes the "Beast"...Again

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Frank Ockenfels

By: Heidi Darby

In the midst of a repartee about accountability and freedom of expression, Nico Vega
vocalist Aja Volkman trails off into an unexpected silence. Snapping back into the
conversation she giggles, "Okay, I don't want to take you out of the interview, but let
me tell you exactly what's happening right now. Our band wagon just got here and I
seriously can't wait to see where I'll be living the next three months."

An understandable interjection considering she was gearing up for a three-month
tour with her infant daughter in tow. The juxtaposed roles of ferocious alt-rocker
and new mother are met with an endearing amount of uncertainty on Volkman's
part, who admits that juggling a national touring schedule with motherhood will be
an adventure -to say the least. The tour comes on the heels of the resurgent success
of the Los Angeles based band's militant stomp-rock tune, "Beast."

"Beast" originally emerged on the group's first EP, attracting attention courtesy of
its raw sound and political innuendos. Seven years and four releases later the hard-
hitting track resurfaced on a video game trailer for Bioshock and the trailer for the
Tom Cruise flick Jack Reacher, reigniting interest for the song and consequently Nico
Vega. Volkman attributes the staying power of the track to its underlying themes
of self-empowerment and acceptance, concepts the Oregon native frequently

"I was one of those kids growing up that felt like an outcast at times. I felt like
because I was different, that maybe I should take medication or something to
suppress it, so I could fit into the mainstream more," Volkman shares. "'Beast' is
about overcoming that. That's what the Nico Vega message is to me. It's about the
freedom to express who you truly are, and not feel the need to hide it or suppress

Live performances substantiate her distaste of suppression, where the pint-sized
powerhouse fervently bounces around the stage, climbing onto and leaping off
equipment. Performing alongside guitarist Rich Koehler, drummer Dan Epand,
and newly-anointed bassist Jamila Weaver, Volkman's visceral nature and onstage
acrobatics helped fuel the group's consistent touring schedule despite a four-year
break between full-length albums.

The group's latest EP, Fury Oh Fury, is a precursor to the upcoming full-lengthWe Are The Art due out in June. The title track off Fury Oh Fury resonates with the same high-octane vocals, gritty instrumentals and impassioned lyrics that supplied "Beast" with muscle, but the remaining tracks are an abrupt departure from NicoVega's previous work. "Lightning" and "Lead To Light" expose the band's affinity toward synthesizers, revealing a dynamic that leans heavily towards 80's pop. While Volkman defends the new direction as experimentation, it was met with
confusion and initial criticism from long time fans. Volkman counters that the new
sound is an exercise in exploration, not a commitment to future material.

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