Five Must-See Artists at Beyond Wonderland

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Matt Oliver / OC Weekly
Steve Aoki with Travis Barker at Beyond Wonderland 2012

This weekend, Insomniac takes its fourth journey down the Alice & Wonderland-themed rabbit hole to Beyond Wonderland Music Festival, held at the San Manuel Amphitheater after the city of San Bernardino complained from previous wonderland events at the NOS Events Center. Don't be fooled by the new location however. If anything, it means a new venue for Insomniac's CEO Pasquale Rotella to curate into a magical world filled with art installations, performers, rides and some of electronic dance music's biggest stars including David Guetta, Steve Angello and Afrojack. For fans excited to roam the hills of the San Manuel Amphitheater and discover its new found home, we have put together a list of five must-see acts amidst all of the heavy dose of spine-rattling basslines.

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Alex Sibley

5. Alex Sibley & Crunch Theory

We first discovered Sibley at Escape From Wonderland at the Wide Awake Cart as he gave the crowds lounging on the grass a "get-off your ass and dance" dose of the Ibiza like tech house. The San Francisco native lived in Mykonos which is where he fell in love with the infections European islands sounds. Hustling hard and making a name for himself back in SF, the young lad has an EP in the works on tech king Carl Cox's Intec Digital label this summer. This weekend, he is teaming up with LA native Crunch Theory to bring us "crunchy, bouncy, slapping" electro tech house beats on the Discovery Stage which if you didn't know is the Wide Awake Cart straight from the Burning Man playa boasting a Funktion One sound system. These kids are the future of EDM combining classic tech house with the progressive sounds of today.

Umek_Ziga Intihar.jpg
Ziga Intihar
Uroš Umek


The Slovenian techno and tech house veteran has everything to bring to the table. From a history lesson with the arsenal of his own originals and re-works, exclusive tracks from the promising artists on his 1605 label and a bit of prophecy as he plays what knows will be tomorrows heavy hitters. UMEK is just the dose of danceable fresh beats the Queens Domain stage needs at Beyond Wonderland. Take a break from the predictable bangers and get lost to one of dance music's biggest legends. Born Uroš Umek, his moves behind the decks are just as impressive as his 20 years in the business and it's no wonder we made him our number one act we wish would come to Coachella this year. Looks like Pasquale was reading and UMEK is making it happen this Sunday even after he has to fly straight to Miami after for Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival!

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