Bill Engvall is Proof That Clean Comedy is Still An Art Form

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Bill Engvall makes a career out of doing the near-impossible, keeping it clean while still getting his point across. Basically, his job is to remind us we could all be a little smarter and use a few more brain cells before we make decisions. Though he has plenty of jokes about the stupid things people do, the most powerful phrase in his arsenal--the catch phrase "Here's your sign"--is all his fans need to hear to start cracking up. The power that phrase holds during his set doesn't quite make sense at first, but after a few minutes, you realize its power to tear a person down in hilarious fashion without a single curse word.

Whether he's headlining venues alone or with his "Blue Collar" buddies, Engvall's personal stories and relatable material bring out the fans from young to old and leave them all completely entertained. With the new show Bounty Hunters on CMT about to debut and his pride still beaming from a past co-star's recent Oscar win, Engvall is heading to the Terrace Theater in Long Beach on March 23. If a night out filled with laughs is in order, here's your sign to grab tickets now.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): I'm sure everyone is bringing up [Oscar-winning actress] Jennifer Lawrence to you right about now, being that she once played your daughter on The Bill Engvall Show. You must feel like a proud TV dad.

Bill Engvall: Oh, yeah, I am so proud of her. I have the distinct honor of saying I gave Jenny her first job. I couldn't have been happier the other night; it was just so well-deserved. I knew early on that little bird wasn't going to stay in the nest very long! She's so genuine, and I just think she is so far from her peak. She's not even gotten as good as she's going to get yet.

Do you think that Oscar has pretty much squashed any chance of a reunion show happening?

Oh, yeah, I think so! [Laughs.] Although if I were TBS, I would rerelease all 30 episodes right now and do a Jennifer Lawrence marathon.

Good thinking! Tell us about your new show, Bounty Hunters, with Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy and Lisa Lampanelli. It must be fun adding Lisa to the mix.

Yeah, it's a fun little comedy, and we play bounty hunters, and Lisa is our boss. It's funny because, in the show, she has the hots for me, but I don't return the sentiment. It really turned out to be a funny show, and that was what I really wanted. The scripts have turned out really well; they're really well-written. I think people will enjoy it, and it's a little something different for us. We're all pretty much playing ourselves but with different character names. It's really fun to do.

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