Top 20 Greatest OC Albums of All Time: Nos. 10 to 1

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2) Social Distortion, Social Distortion (1990)
Released in 1990, Social Distortion's self-titled, major-label debut captures the moment when Mike Ness had bled the heroin out of his punk-rockin' veins and let the cool country influences of Johnny Cash and Hank Williams seep in to establish the band's crisp, hard punkabilly sound. Never mind that for many hardcore Social D. fans, the album also points to the moment when the band officially went mainstream with radio staples such as "Ball & Chain," "Story of My Life" and the band's cover of Cash's "Ring of Fire" hitting the KROQ rotation. Two decades after its release, Social Distortion's eponymous album still plays like the ultimate soundtrack to ditching class to party with a bottle of Jack Daniels down by the railroad tracks on a hot Cali day. (Tina Dhamija)
1) No Doubt , Tragic Kingdom (1995)
You can't make a Top 20 Greatest OC Albums of All Time list without mentioning this record. No Doubt are unarguably the biggest band to spawn from OC, and Tragic Kingdom is their most recognizable album, filled with radio hits that symbolized the FM domination of third-wave ska. Gwen Stefani defies America's perception of today's Orange County woman--who isn't always a blond millionaire MILF wearing designer treads . . . oh, wait. We still love you, and wish we were you, Gwen! Thanks for putting OC on the map. We'll always cherish the '90s image we have of you in that red dress, holding up an orange. (Jena Ardell)

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