Top 20 Greatest OC Albums of All Time: Nos. 10 to 1

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8) Dick Dale, Surfer's Choice (1962)
Certain monarchs--Queen Elizabeth, King James, the King of the Surf Guitar--have given no intention of ending their reigns soon. In the case of the third example, who could dare challenge Dick Dale? The OC-bred, Twentynine Palms-based 75-year-old is still the most famous name in surf rock, still tours nationally and can still glide between reverb-gilded Fender riffs with godly confidence. Fifty-one years ago, Dale's guitar howled its way into American pop culture with Surfer's Choice, a buoyant mix of doo-wop, rock & roll, rockabilly, classic guitar music and (of course) nascent surf rock. Dale jammed the debut with instantly charming tunes, including "Surf Beat," "Take It Off," "Death of a Gremmie," "Shake N' Stomp," and that song that was in some Tarantino movie. Few royals have been so generous. (Reyan Ali)


7) Sublime, 40 oz. to Freedom
Every track is a solid winner, making Sublime's 1992 debut album nothing short of a masterpiece. Not to mention, it can largely be considered one of OC's most triumphant claims to musical fame (yeah, we know Sublime's from Long Beach, but we're claiming county cred anyway). For many who love the band and music in general, one's copy of 40 oz. to Freedom isn't just an album; it represents a counterculture lifestyle and frame of mind. Albeit a lifestyle and frame of mind that is punctuated along the way by the sound of a bong rip as an instrument, as well as samples of everyone from Eazy-E to Led Zeppelin's "Lemon Song" (for those who have a pre-1994 copy of the disc). And it's almost guaranteed that for as long as this record's around, people will continue to call, "439-0116" to be down with Sublime. (Tina Dhamija)

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Mommys Little Monster is the better Social Distortion album; The Creeps, MLM, Anti Fashion, Moral Threat, Another State of Mind, all Orange County themed songs. 

Vandals Peace Through Vandalism; All songs about OC, Wanna Be Manor, Urban Struggle, The Legend of Pat Brown, and of course Pirates Life (Seven hits of L and nobody can tell so I spent every dime just to get to Anaheim).

I would also include TSOL Weathered Statues and though not technically an album The Middle Class Out of Vouge.


I'd put Offspring's Smash a little higher and I would include War's Why Can't We Be Friends in the top 20. Other than that, a solid top 20

Bobby D. Lux
Bobby D. Lux

Snoop Dogg? Seriously? You can at least make an argument about Sublime because of the punk/ska scene in OC, but Snoop? Nonsense. Or, maybe he was influenced by the emerging OC Gangsta Rap scene in the early 90s?

Tony Guillory
Tony Guillory

This is pathetic. By listing No Doubt as the best album to ever come out of this pathetic little suburb of Los Angeles, you have disgraced and insulted many talented musicians. Your opinion of "best" is so utterly flawed, you truly harm the reputation of the OC Weekly as a source of quality "alternative" arts.

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