Top Five Most Shocking Grammy Moments of All Time

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3) Billy Joel's River of Delays 1994
A particularly fierce topic of Grammy debate is which moment of the 1994 telecast was the most controversial. All possible contenders revolve around that year's lifetime achievement award, which was awarded to Frank Sinatra. From U2 hooligan Bono dropping a live "F-bomb" to Sinatra's stumbling acceptance speech being abruptly cutoff as the show went to commercial, a lot didn't go right that night. But our pick has to be Billy Joel stopping the show and mocking the wasting of valuable commercial time during "River of Dreams." With Sinatra himself was thankful the show cut his speech, Joel took offense and struck back the best way he knew how.

2) John Lennon and Paul Simon Innovate Awkward Passive Aggression 1975
How's this for a wacky idea that's sure to create a moment that will last forever? Take one-half of two celebrated and recently separated critically acclaimed and wildly successful songwriting teams, and have them present an award together?! There's something just not right about John Lennon and Paul Simon being prompted to read banter, but things only got weirder as Simon's former partner Art Garfunkel took the stage to accept the coveted Record of the Year award on Olivia Newton-John's behalf. When the playful digs outweigh the magnitude of a tuxedo shirt, you know you have a classic(ly bizarre) moment.

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