Top Five Most Shocking Grammy Moments of All Time

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Bob Dylan and Michael "Soy Bomb" Portnoy

This weekend is the 55th Annual Grammy Awards. Viewed by many as music's biggest night, the telecast has been home to lifelong icons finally getting their due, musical phenomenons explode and some of the most shocking moments in broadcast television history. As great as the former are, it's the unpredictable moments that occur magically during one of entertainment's most rehearsed nights that keeps us coming back year after year. But while the elegant performance and underdog victories are always fun surprises, a few particular moments have been burned into the pop-culture spectrum as among the most startling of all time. Here's our picks for top five most shocking Grammy moments of all time.

5) 2pac Reunites KISS 1996
Given the off/on reputation of the Grammys as being straight-laced and safe to a fault, certain artists would typically never been seen on their stages. It wasn't until 1990 that a rap Grammy was awarded on television, with Young MC taking home only the second trophy yet given to the genre. That's why 2Pac at the height of gangsta rap's controversy would be memorable enough. BUT THEN, he brings out the reunited fully made-up shock rock pioneers KISS. It's crazy to think 17 years later what an incredible cross-section this was for pop culture, not to mention how cool it is to see the artists likely responsible for roughly 40% of all Spencer's Gifts revenue on the stage at once.

4) Bob Dylan vs Soy Bomb 1998
As funny as Tim Heidecker's fake Bob Dylan Super Bowl Halftime Show announcement and song leak earlier this year was, had it been true it wouldn't be the most bizarre of Bob Dylan's media appearances. On the night of the 1998 Grammy Awards, during Dylan's performance, a hired back-up dancer-turned-performance artist named Michael "Soy Bomb" Portnoy began spastically dancing. Dylan remained unfazed, only adding to the sheer spectacle of the moment. We don't blame CBS for not paying Portnoy his agreed $200 background fee. He's got a lot of nerve.

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