The 10 Best Songs of Ramon Ayala, Conjunto Norteño Legend and Accordion Hero

Categories: Español Music

7. "Chaparra de Mi Amor"

But Ayala is most famous for his perpetual happiness and his sweet love songs that generations of Mexicans can hum. Take this example, "Short Gal of My Love." "I love you, I love you/I adore you, I miss you," Ayala's group sings (he never sang lead, always was backup). Simple enough, no? But to dismiss Ayala's themes as Carpenters nonsense misses the point. Pay attention to that accordion, its complex scales and lightning-quick reflexes. There's a reason why one of the most popular Mexican memes around is Ayala mocked up as an "Accordion Hero," and it's not because every Mexican household owned a copy of Guitar Hero at one point in the past decade.

6. "Vestida de Color de Rosa"

But Ayala's sweetest love song is this one: "Dressed in Pink." No explanation needed.

5. "Un Rinconcito En El Cielo"

"A Little Corner in Heaven" has been getting increasing traction over the years, and it's no real mystery. Its long accordion trills, subject matters, and the eternal longing for the pie in the sky makes it a song perfect for weddings, quinceañeras, or just your regular ol' carne asada Sundays.

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