Our Mardi Gras Phat Tuesday Playlist

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3) Meek Mill featuring Young Chris, "House Party" (2011). While Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group imprint has spent the better part of the decade making hip-hop that seems custom-made for yacht parties, the absolute hardest partier of the bunch has to be Meek Mill. While he amassed a large following after his introspective debut, last year's Dreams and Nightmares, Mill first made waves in the hip-hop landscape as an unpredictable party snapper. His non-album banger "House Party" was one of the wildest singles of 2011 and has been a staple of all of our parties since. 2) Galactic featuring Juvenile and the Soul Rebel Brass Band, "From the Corner to the Block" (2007). New Orleans is known for having quite the Mardi Gras showdown, and what better way to encapsulate decades of that wonderful tradition than this outstanding collaboration between Juvenile, Galactic and the Soul Rebel Brass Band. "From the Corner to the Block" pulsates with NOLA energy, combining several regional flavors for a cornucopia of full-blown fun. If you're looking for a cross-generational Mardi Gras pleaser, this is the one.

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