Our Mardi Gras Phat Tuesday Playlist

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Allow Meek Mill to get it crackin' at your house party before Lent
That's right, folks, it's Mardi Gras. The day before Lent kicks off with the solemn Ash Wednesday, when absurdly excessive partying hits its absolute peak. Of course, whether you're a Catholic or not, Fat Tuesday is a fantastic excuse to cut loose and have the absolute most fun one can have on a Tuesday. To assist you in said partying, we at the Weekly have assembled a selection of songs to bring the best from Rio to New Orleans into your pre-Lenten celebration. Here's our Mardi Gras Phat Tuesday playlist! 5) Run-D.M.C., "Peter Piper" (1986). One of the all-time-classic rap routines, Run-D.M.C.'s immortal "Peter Piper" is punctuated by the outstanding turntable work of the late DJ Jam-Master Jay. Those iconic bells you hear cut up over the chorus comes from Bob James' cover of Paul Simon's "Take Me to Mardi Gras." Among the most cherished breaks in the entire hip-hop canon, they're most known for being the signature Jam-Master Jay moment and a definitive example of how the right excerpt of a song, no matter how brief, can become the stuff of legend. 4) Mac Dre, "Get Stupid (Remix)" (2004). The hyphy movement that reinvented partying in the mid-2000s was largely led by late hip-hop innovator Mac Dre. Among the many infectiously fun jams that his prolific catalog has to offer is 2004's "Get Stupid (Remix)." The feel-good beat and trademark Mac Dre irreverence is fun for all ages, including the little girl in this video, who proves that, when hyphy is involved, you're never too young to "Get it crackin' like a Mardi Gras!"

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