Margaret Cho Gives Us the Top Five Macho Bands That Lesbians Are Secretly Into.

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Margaret knows what girls like.

Comedian Margaret Cho would like you to know something about the musical taste of the average lesbian. It's not just k.d. lang and Tori Amos shuffling around in their iPods. Their musical tastes can vary as much as anyone's. And sometimes they're looking for tunes with some serious balls. As a celebrity fixture in the LGBT community, Cho is a prime example of a bisexual comic who has enjoyed her share of the fairer sex while also being as vulgar, political, crude and comical as any dude. She has been honored with three Grammy nominations for her work, toured the world, and dazzled America by showcasing some fancy footwork on Dancing With the Stars--and yes, she likes her share of southern rock. Before Margaret dips into OC with her one-night stop at the Brea Improv and her two-night stint at the Irvine Improv, we called her up to tap into her musical (and masculine) side and get her top five picks on macho bands whom lesbians are secretly into.

5. Van Halen

I don't know if people know this, but ladies love to scuba dive. For some reason, Van Halen are something they're listening to when they're going out on the boat or when they are getting ready to go. Lesbians also love musicianship, and Eddie Van Halen is an incredible guitarist. Oddly enough, we tend to like the songs with Sammy Hagar a little bit more. That's the ironic twist. Also, most of the songs we love are off the OU812 album.

4. Lynyrd Skynyrd and Kid Rock

Southern rock in general is very popular, although you don't see a huge lesbian presence at their concerts. I actually attended the Lynyrd Skynyrd and Kid Rock tour in the South. I was sitting up on the lawn in the very back, and I saw seven different people bleeding, all from different locations. Some of them had head wounds, some were vomiting blood, and I'm sure there were more people than that bleeding internally. Also, I had my period. So, yeah, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Kid Rock are very popular with lesbians. You'd be surprised.

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