Local Rapper Kadillak Kaz Faces Three Strikes After Nearly Signing a Deal With Snoop Dogg

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It's not often that tales from OC's hip-hop scene grace the cover of the Weekly. But when it involves a local gangster rapper, a third strike prison sentence and Snoop Dogg (er, Lion...whatever) you better believe we're on the case.

This week's cover story highlights the jailhouse saga of Kadillak Kaz, a Santa Ana emcee who landed behind bars on a flimsy car jacking and robbery charge just months before meeting the Dogg Father to begin talks to negotiate a record deal with his label, Doggystyle Records.

In a handful of interviews with Kadillak during his current incarceration at Central Jail in Santa Ana, we spoke with the rhymeslinger born Deron Hollins about how his decision to park his former girlfriend's car down the street without telling her turned into a warrant for his arrest.While there's plenty of twists and turns to this story that prove Kadillak spent most of his life as a bad seed, it's also apparent that he's facing a 23-year sentence at a time when his career and life were finally starting to get on track. The question is: Is he guilty? Read the rapper's head scratching story here and check out a sample of his music after the jump.

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