Top Five Unforgettable MTV Duos

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3.The Maxx and Julie of "The Maxx" 1995
Following the success of "Beavis and Butthead," MTV began to branch out into further animated territory with their "Liquid Television" and "Oddities" programming blocks. The most memorable of which was "The Maxx." The surreal multi-styled animated series based on the cult favorite Image comic (somewhat) told the story of homeless psychopath anti-anti-hero The Maxx and his well-intentioned companion Julie who would always keep coming back to help him find his way. As bizarre as the show often was, their genuine bond at the center allowed a memorable core for the show to decorate with its weirdness.

2. Sifl and Olly of "The Sifl and Olly Show" 1998
Before Liam Lynch became a cult hero in his own right, he was the visionary behind sock puppet talk show "The Sifl and Olly Show." In one of those odd moments that make it ever-so-hard to explain the late-90s, Sifl and Olly were two sock puppet co-hosts who interviewed other puppets of note, took calls from the public, and shilled dangerous merchandise on the Precious Roy Shopping Network. The show would also contain some of the most infectious and out-there musical numbers of all genres, still successfully stuck in viewers' heads some 15 years later.

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