Top Five Classic "30 Rock" Musical Moments

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3."Quarter to Midnight Train to Georgia" 2007
Speaking of the writer's strike of 2007, it was a time of unsettling uncertainty. There was always the fear of the network perhaps making a rash decision and pulling the plug on everything, so in what could have very well be the show's final scene ever, NBC page Kenneth Parcell teased leaving the network and taking, as the song goes, the "Midnight Train to Georgia." Lucky for us, Parcell just missed it and the writer's strike was eventually resolved with the show intact.

2."He Needs a Kidney" 2009
One of the show's crowning musical moments came at the finale of the third season when exec Jack Donaghy needed to find a kidney for his father (Alan Alda) and assembled a gigantic roster of all-star musicians for a celebrity charity single called "He Needs a Kidney" to benefit his father's Kidney Now! foundation. A funny as the song itself is, no amount of money can match the debt we owe "30 Rock" for the cosmic energy birthed from assembling Michael McDonald, Cyndi Lauper and two of the Beastie Boys in the same place at the same time.

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