Top 10 Concert Films to See Before You Die

4. Jay-Z - Fade To Black

Showcasing what was
supposed to be the Brooklyn-born rapper's final concert, this would have
been the perfect send-off for Hova. Featuring some of the superstars
and not-so-biggest names in hip-hop and R&B, the concert itself was a
spectacle and cemented the rapper as the best at his craft.

3. Woodstock

Perhaps THE definitive film from the '60s, the festival that defined a generation has all of the ingredients of a great concert film, even though they may not have realized it when the first rolled tape. Memorable moments from greats like Janis Joplin, The Who, Sly and the Family Stone are as fiery as they were on those rainy August days, but it is Hendrix's legendary rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" that cements this as the essential document in rock history.

2. Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense

Directed by Jonathan Demme, this film captured the Talking Heads at their creative peak. Beginning with frontman David Byrne (whose big suit is almost as famous as the film itself), who walks on-stage with only a boom box and acoustic guitar before gradually adding layers, dancers, instruments and eventually bandmembers. Other innovations include its unusual lighting methods, minimal audience shots and lack of close-ups on the bands. In a time when MTV was a kingmaker, this movie reminded fans that it was possible to create a superior visual product, as long as the music measured up to the task.

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