The Top Five Rappers We'd Like To See At Coachella This Year


1. Freddie Gibbs

Since gangsta rap torchbearer Freddie Gibbs originally graced the cover of LA Weekly a few years back, he has consistently been on a short list of the very best rappers in the game. In all honesty, not once has he stumbled or faltered when it comes to his musical output. Label or no label, cosigned or not, he has always been one of the most consistent, hardest working dudes in the business.

Everything he does, from his own mixtapes to his countless collaborations with others, is the same brand of immaculately weaved, relentless lyrical battery. No matter who it is, put them on a track with Freddie Gibbs, and they will be bettered, equaled, or outright embarrassed. You know how often we have skipped through others' verses on songs just to rinse Gibbs' turn over and over? We couldn't even begin to tally up the times. We can't even bother to trudge on through a minute of 2 Chainz' "I'm Different" after hearing Freddie Gibbs' take on that production.

Yet, he has yet to grace the Coachella stage, and if this goes on for much longer it will be heresy towards hip-hop. At the very least, Goldenvoice owes him an incredible album release show when his first full "proper" album comes out.

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