The Top Five Rappers We'd Like To See At Coachella This Year


3. Gunplay

Rick Ross cohort and Maybach Music's lyrical/physical enforcer Gunplay seems to be slightly on the wrong side of insanity. At the moment, he's facing a slew of intense legal problems, is fully enveloped in all the Illuminati conspiracy theories you can Google, and he received his first bit of "viral" fame with a video of him snorting coke in Colombia. So yeah, there's definitely something there to fill up some therapy time.

But, he's one of the most talented rappers on the market. Each verse he produces, whether it be somber and existential such as his work on "Bible On The Dash" and "Cartoons & Cereal" or rash and ignorant like his outbursts on MMG posse cut "Finals" or "M1,"  is well-constructed, all-around great rap. In spite of his unpolished outside demeanor and attitude, he still appears to understand the importance of everything from cadence to the structure of his rhymes. When one thinks of Rick Ross and the bombastic, indulgent aesthetic that comes with Ross and the Maybach Music mantle, you may not think of any sort of progression in hip-hop, but Gunplay is definitely one of the key players out there building on the style and form passed down by lines of legends before him.


2. Danny Brown

As beloved as the motor city's favorite eccentric Danny Brown has been, and as much praise has been thrown upon his half-haired head, he still has yet to secure a set at Coachella. It's unfortunate, and we feel as though it's something that the promoters might have dropped the ball with. XXX and The Hybrid are arguably some of the very best albums of their respective years, and Danny Brown has an uncanny ability to basically downplay and render irrelevant many of the rappers he jumps on a track with. And, as far as lyrically-heavy rappers go, he's one of the best live performers of his league. Maybe the promoters can't bring in Kathy Griffin and an oversized candy bowl full of drugs, as we're sure that's what the majority of his backstage demands must be. Regardless, whatever length they would have to go through to get Danny Brown situated on a Coachella stage would most likely be more than worth it.

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