The Five Best Concerts in OC This Week

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Monday, January 7

Big Monsta
Detroit Bar

The latest youthful band to grab the coveted Monday night residency over at Detroit Bar is Huntington Beach-based Big Monsta. But their sound is anything but what that name would suggest (read: not some douchy club DJ wearing fake gold chains, nor a band playing any sub-genre containing the word "core"). The group, fronted by singer/songwriter Jimmy Hua, plays music that's cool and crisp and dreamy--check out the song "Summer Love" for a romantic mind trip back to the beach. They're new and they've got potential--plus a CD release party on the 28th, the last night of their residency. New-music-philes, this one is for you.--Erin DeWitt Tuesday, January 8

Orange County Music Awards Live Showcase
Detroit Bar

It has begun! After a few solid months of planning and deliberating, the next step in the 2013 Orange County Music Awards race kicks off six weeks of free, weekly showcases featuring the candidates for this year's Best Live Band award. Win this, and you pretty much have the right to call yourselves "da shit" for an entire year...within the county limits anyway. The first round of bands battling for OCMA supremacy include Fellow Bohemian, Alabaster Stones, Flying Sparks, Robert John and the Wreck, and The Field Trip. --Nate Jackson

Thursday, January 10

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony
The Observatory

Anyone with an ounce of K-Day pride has watched with amazement this year as the slithery, half-sung flows of Layzie Krayzie, Bizzy, Wish and Flesh were resurrected not only on the airwaves but on stage for the first time in a couple years at Rock the Bells in San Bernardino. Lord knows it hasn't been easy keeping these Grammy-winning thugs together since they started in 1991. But even if this tour and subsequent untitled album they're planning as a follow up to Uni 5: The World's Enemy is their last with all five members, at least we know OC will get their last taste of one of hip-hop's most iconic rap groups. --Nate Jackson

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