Six Ridonkulous Holy Ship!! Dance Move GIFs

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Katie Bain
The EDM cruise Holy Ship!! journeyed from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas this past weekend, and we're still recovering. Here's our complete coverage. A highlight was an afternoon spent on a pristine private island in the Bahamas for an afternoon of sun, surf, cocktails and the kind of dancing not seen since MTV Spring Break. To sets by Destructo, Brodinski, Diplo and Justice, here are a few of the memorable dances witnessed on the beach, in GIF form.
6. With her killer bod, killer whale, killer taste in beer (Coors Light) and all that alpha female thrusting, this lady was the definition of beach party swagger.

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Not really all that funny.


.... #5 is not ridonkulous,.... this list is ridonkulous.... these people are just trying to have a good time. I guess they weren't aware that oc weekly cool police staff was out and about looking to judge people.


That dude in the penguin suit is just begging for a shark to come and snatch him up.

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