OC Music Awards: Rock Rage of Night 3 Makes Earplugs a Requirement

Punk-rock band Fiction Reform made their presence known loud and clear as they proved chicks can rock as hard as anyone else with the vocals of Brenna Red - who by the way also rocked the guitar. What was really showcased here besides the pure authentic punk rock sound was Aaron Chabak's ability to memorize you with his guitar skills. Oh ya, and that Jefferson Airplane "White Rabbit" cover got us too.

There was an obvious divide between the punk crowd and the more post hardcore kids ready to put their FTW hands up as Beneath the Buried took the stage. They were the obvious crowd favorite with heir explosive metal sound and spastic screams (annoying if you ask me). But nothing could have been more seditious than Death Hymn Number 9's gory zombie make-up and outlandish on stage presence. The fusion of garage rock punk was pretty bad ass too, even when the band forgot which song they were playing. Or did they?

Shannon Nehls / OC Weekly
Death Hymn Number 9

Critical Bias: Though my editor likes to coin my as the "EDM Diva," that doesn't mean I can't channel the punk rock girl in me still from my Chain Reaction and Vans Warped Tour hey days.

The Crowd: Was as varied as the music from the bands, but I assume it was mostly fans and industry people supporting our local music.

Overheard: "The drummer to Death Hymn Number 9 looks like the zombie undead version of Keith Moon's son."

Random Notebook Dump: The service was incredibly on point for how crowded it was and you can't go wrong with $3 imports!

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The Slidebar Rock-N-Roll Kitchen

122 E. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton, CA

Category: Music

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