OC Music Awards Showcase: Night 1-Detroit Bar-January 8, 2013

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Jackie Connor / OC Weekly
Robert Jon & The Wreck rock the crap out of Detroit Bar's crowd Tuesday, Jan 8, 2013 for the OC Music Awards
The OC Music Awards kicked off its weekly seven-part series at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa Tuesday night and featured five local Orange County bands who rocked the house while several D.J.'s kept the party flowing. Local standouts like Robert Jon and The Wreck left one hell of an impression as their explosive rock sound seemed to dwarf the stage. Sheer rock and roll with a southern twist, despite the fact that they are, well, local.
Although each group showcased an array of different sounds, a few bands made their presence known loud and clear on the Detroit Bar stage Tuesday evening. Acoustic band Flying Sparks proved to be the evening's 'yin' to the rock-dominated 'yang.' Most of their mellow tunes showcased soft sweet poetic lyrics, but were often sandwiched between a string a curse words between songs. They let us all know that it's okay to embrace your inner W.B. Yeats.

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Jackie Connor / OC Weekly
The Detroit Bar's Tuesday night patrons packed the house for the OC Music Awards on Jan 8, 2013.

After a semi-sleepy lineup of mellow tunes, rock band Robert Jon &The Wreck opened their act with an impressive wake-up call tune about Georgia mud, which pulled at this southern girl's heart strings. Aside from their Doobie Brothers-like appearance, this band not only gave the crowd a good bitch slap, but they also involved the audience with original call-response songs, fog machines and lighting to create an actual show behind their explosive sound. Each individual musician made it obvious they have honed their instrumental and theoretical skills like a disciplined martial artist as the keyboardist had no trouble amping the crowd with his cheek slides. All bells and whistles aside, this band looked like they were just having plain old fun rocking the crap out of the inundated Tuesday night Detroit Bar.

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