Muscle Music: A Schwarzenegger Soundtrack Retrospective

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Approves of Your Jukebox Selection

Today, veteran action icon and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's new movie The Last Stand hits theaters. Being the face of pulse-pounding action for almost four decades, Schwarzenegger's butt-kicking (and occasional comic mischief) has often been accompanied by the most bombastic music possible. In honor of the star's return to the top of movie marques, we've assembled five of our favorite Schwarzenegger music moments. From soundtrack cuts to music video cameos, these sleek tunes helped make the silver screen shine before Schwarzenegger blows something to kingdom come. Let's take a listen to some of that great muscle music.

Power Station- "We Fight For Love" 1985
from Commando
Ahh yes, Commando. While many neglect it when considering the Arnold's more celebrated classics like Conan, The Terminator and Jingle All the Way, in many ways Commando is the quintessential Schwarzenegger film. The tale of a man going on a solo quest to thwart an international terrorist organization who has kidnapped his daughter, the movie follows the preferred Schwarzenegger formula of 1) Find bad guy 2) Brutally murder him 3) Say witty pun 4) Repeat. It's all tenderloin. The movie's theme "We Fight For Love" works as not only as an interpretation of Schwarzenegger overcoming all odds to save his beloved daughter, but how much Schwarzenegger himself fights all barriers of taste and logic on screen to give us the breathtaking violence and macho wordplay we so desire. He fuels the Power Station in all of us.

Little Richard and Philip Bailey - "Twins" 1988
From Twins
For an artist who is as visually show-stopping and theatrically gifted as Little Richard, it's surprising (and possibly a crime) he hasn't made more music videos. Even the ones that do exist, aren't on YouTube and require citizens like myself to hit the wild west that is Yahoo Music to uncover them, including this gem from the Schwarzenegger/DeVito comedy Twins. A duet with Philip Bailey, "Twins" is to montages of Schwarzenegger doing mundane tasks what the Alban Berg's Lulu is to palindromes. Why Little Richard wasn't hired to do the title track for every future Schwarzenegger project will remain one of life's greatest mysteries.

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