The 10 Best Songs of La Sonora Dinamita, the Most Joyous Group/Makers of the Best Music Videos EVER

Categories: Español Music

3. "Mi Cucu"

Another Vargas masterpiece, this duet is very simple: a man compliments a woman on her nice, "responsible" ass, while said woman says he can't have "mi cucu"--her ass. Sung by La Sonora Dinamita's other great singer, La India Meliyará, along with the group's longtime leader, Lucho Argain, who memorably says, "Come on, don't be a bad girl/Give me a little touch!" Playing the song counts as sexual harassment in all 50 U.S. states.

2. "Mil Horas"

This is actually my favorite Dinamita song, if only because it's so unlike the rest of the other songs in the group's repertoire, from the downbeat piano to the outright anger of the lyrics to the subject matter: a man whose heart's been shattered, who tries to win back his woman by waiting in the rain "like a dog," only to meet his mocking ex-lover, who literally laughs at him for staying in the rain. Bitter? Not much--check out the chicas! Also remarkable for one of the rare times Sonora Dinamita label Discos Fuentes bothered to put, you know, the actual band in one of their own music videos.

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