The 10 Best Songs of La Sonora Dinamita, the Most Joyous Group/Makers of the Best Music Videos EVER

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7. "Escándalo"

OH SNAP--gyrating chicks getting artistic and shit! Song is actually sad--a woman perpetually trying to find her philandering man, weeping that it's a "scandal" that she continues to love him. Nope, no message gets lost here.

6. "Capullo y Sorrullo"

Another Margarita song. From my list of the 10 most overplayed songs at a Mexican wedding, California edition.

"Capullo y Sorullo," a fine overview of their trademarks: a jaunty rhythm, a coy female voice, banter between her and a sotto male singer, and playful lyrics, this time about tale of a black man wondering why one of his children is black but the eight others white. Dig the video that has nothing at all to do with the song's content!

5. "Que Nadie Sepa Mi Sufrir"

This is Margarita's tour de force, a lament of a broken heart, a roar of tears--witness the vengeful horns, the pounded pianos, the Greek chorus, Margarita's soaring cry. And kudos to La Sonora Dinamita for trying to weave a plot amidst the triptych of titillating, um, cans?

4. "El Viejo del Sombrerón"

A classic of motor double entendres ala "Little Red Corvette," this song starts with the perspective of a man who says his "little car" gets him around pretty well and helps him score with the ladies. He tries to pick up a woman, played by Margarita, who says he won't cut it--she's waiting for "The Man with the Big Hat." The spurned man then pays his respects to his competitor, openly wondering how he gets so many chicks. The chick that spurned him responds with a breathless paean to the big-hatted man, who says "me toca el pito"--"he honks at me," but also meaning "he touches my horn." And if you didn't get that, all that horn-honking keeps her "dizzy." Um, YEAH...horns!

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