Five Indie Breakout Bands from SoCal Worth Following in 2013

deap vally.jpg

Thelma and Louise don't hold a match to this Los Angeles rock duo consisting of Lindsey Troy (guitar, vocals) and Julie Edwards (drums) who met at a needlework class, of all places. Deap Vally sounds like what would happen if a Karen O kidnapped the White Stripes in a time machine set to 1970. Their song "Lies", whose music video debuted this week, makes us want to acid wash our jeans and re-watch The Runaways. You'll feel revived while listening to other tracks like "Gonna Make My Own Money", a gritty, high-energy rock song. Bragging rights: These girls were the openers for Muse's international tour this winter. 


This Chino Hills-bred band creates soothing, melodic riffs punctuated by thought-inducing lyrics. Their song "The Walk" will make you want to grab a cuddle buddy and head to the beach tonight with PG-13 intentions. "The Way I see" (a free download from their fb page), has a faster, yet still melodic and mesmerizing tempo. And yes, we've spotlighted this quartet in the past; you can read our interview here.

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