Five Indie Breakout Bands from SoCal Worth Following in 2013

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Jena Ardell
He Met Her

Five bands worth following this year.


This melodic pop group isn't breaking through; they're busting through. These ladies are currently opening for Mumford and Sons and leading the NME Awards with nominations for best new band, best new song, best new video, and best band twitter. (35,000+ twitter followers--not too shabby for a band who hasn't released a full LP yet!) You'll swoon over 80s-pop inspired tracks "Save Me" and "Forever", a song which will not "Go go go go get out, get out of [your] memory." 

This uber fun-loving and fearless duo, consisting of Mowgli Moon and Rocky Chance (who was born in Orange County), prove that 'weird' is the new 'sexy'. Their 'Crime Novela' EP is presented as an ingeniously stylized lookbook of animated gifs, in which they embrace their inner child (and look good while doing so). Also be sure to check out their analog-style video for "Believe in Me", a song that makes us feel sexy and confident enough to dance in public. He Met Her are currently working on their debut full-length album, which will be released later this year.

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You can tell this trio (Joshua, Goldy and Sara Lynn) has both brains and heart. "Positively 4th Street", a track from their introductory EP titled "Four Steps In Corsets", should already be on the soundtrack to every teen-girl targeted show on television. Self-titled track, "Yellow Red Sparks" makes us daydream of riding bicycles through a waist-high flower field while eating ice cream. The band has recently completed their first full-length record and O.C.'s own director/cinematographer Claire Vogel is gearing up to record their first music video.

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