If Metal Songs Were Mixed Drinks (These Would be the Ingredients)

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There's nothing more synonymous with Metal than booze, so we've concocted some adult mixed beverages whose ingredients were inspired by some of our favorite Metal songs. Since no one on staff is a licensed bartender, we asked actor and metal aficionado Steve Sharkey, who moonlights as a bartender at the infamously rowdy karaoke bar The Gaslite in Santa Monica, to help make these drinks drinkable. Cheers Metalheads!

I'm Alive (Artist: Anthrax)
Play on: Cherry Berry Bomb
A drink containing a jolt of energy.
1 shot cherry vodka
1 shot of blueberry vodka
Served with Redbull in a glass with no ice.
"It will hit harder than the Jaegar bomb and keep you running all night long," Sharkey says.

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Piss (Artist: Pantera)
Play on: Monkey Wrench
Tastes just as awful as it sounds but douchebags will love being able to order "Piss on the Rocks".
1.5 oz white rum
4 oz grapefruit

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Head Crusher (Artist: Megadeth)
Play on: Skippy
A guaranteed hangover drink.
12 oz Budweiser
2 oz citrus vodka
4 oz Lemonade.
Serve in a tall glass and hold onto your ass!
"The vodka throws you in the drunk and hungover end of things and the lemonade's sweetness guarantees it," Sharkey says.

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