Top Five Musical Moments With Huell Howser

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3. Polka Piano

If for some reason you'd ever seen or heard of an instrument like the one played by Joe Rinaudo before watching it on "California's Gold," chances are you're probably a weirdo. But the fact that somebody as absurdly curious as Howser could bring this guy and his music to our attention makes us all the more thankful that we chose this show over whatever boring football game was on television that day. If this clip of polka piano isn't hilarious enough, wait till you hear this version spliced with Guns N Roses' "Sweet Child O Mine." Simply breath taking.

2. Fumbling Around Coachella

Here are two things that go well together...SoCal's hippest music festival and a wacky senior citizen from the Nashville. But we'll be damned if he can't distill the vibe of Coachella to it's most key elements. Case in point, this quote from his 2008 story on the Indio festival: "It's just a beautiful, beautiful feeling here. Everybody is mellow and kind of chilling out here waiting for the particular group that they're here to listen to. It's all good."

 Yeah, that's right, Howser was always down with the kids.

1. California's Finest Music Video

He may have been from the South, but we doubt there will ever be anyone more pro-California than Howser. And while your initial reaction might be to cringe at a slick music video produced by one of the world's most remarkably unslick men, it's good to see Howser, with his undying love of the Golden State, get even an ounce of the glossy shine, production value and back up singers he rightfully deserves.

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